Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson – Masters of Madness:Shock Therapy Tour 2013 at Mohegan Sun Arena

Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson – Masters of Madness:Shock Therapy Tour 2013 Tickets

Mohegan Sun Arena | Montville, Connecticut

Move over gaga, and bow down to the real masters of madness and shock rock and roll!  Prepare to meet the face of evil in the eyes of Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson, as their dark  powers converge onstage at the Mohegan Sun Arena – CT,  Uncasville, Connecticut, on June 21, 2013, 7:00 PM.  The delirious duo are rabidly moving from state to state for their ongoing Masters of Madness: Shock Therapy Tour 2013.  


Alice Cooper started the shock rock movement in the late 60s.  Another generation of fans witnessed its reincarnation in the 90s, courtesy of Marilyn Manson.  Two men with women’s names who were responsible for music that celebrated in darkness and delighted in the macabre are now teaming up in one concert tour dubbed as ‘Masters of Madness: Shock Therapy Tour 2013′.  This is a dream, or rather, a nightmare come true for various generations of fans who have shock-rocked with their music for decades.

Alice Cooper is dubbed as the ‘Godfather of Shock Rock’.  He pioneered the use of horror-movie like sets during his performances. The Rolling Stone Album Guide has called him the world’s most “beloved heavy metal entertainer”.  To this day, at age 65, Alice Cooper is still unstoppable.  He continuous fill concert halls and has established his celebrity status as a  film actor, a golfing celebrity, a restaurateur and, since 2004, a popular radio DJ with his classic rock show Nights with Alice Cooper.  His biggest hits include ‘School’s Out’, ‘I Never Cry’, and host of concept albums like ‘Welcome to My Nightmare’.  And yes, he has made the world believe the infamous story about the bloody chicken incident at one of his concerts.

Marilyn Manson has always been an enigma to many.  He made headlines with his ghoulish makeup and metal fans have enshrined him as the god of shock rock.  He started out with a band who called themselves Marilyn Manson, then as lead singer, he eventually became a solo artist who carried on with the same name.  Apart from creating his own brand of genre-defying music, he is an actor, painter, multimedil artist and former music journalist .  Marilyn Manson ranks #44 in the Top 100 Heavy Metal Vocalists by Hit Parader.

If you’re a disciple of these shock rock gods, this concert is your holy grail and your apocalypse…so be there or die of regret!  Book your tickets now!

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