Dashboard Confessional at Mohegan Sun Arena

Dashboard Confessional Tickets

Mohegan Sun Arena | Montville, Connecticut

Emo-acoustic rock band Dashboard Confessional has officially posted a schedule for their upcoming "Unplugged" tour which includes a spot at the Mohegan Sun Arena on Saturday 13th November 2021. The band, fronted by the dashing singer-songwriter Chris Carrabba is looking forward to this rather belated 20th-anniversary tour, which was supposed to run in 2020 but was disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dashboard Confessional fans have been patiently waiting for this, so expect them to make a dash for those precious tickets. Click on that 'Get Tickets' link here for a fast and easy way to book your tickets. Don't miss it!

Dashboard Confessional at Mohegan Sun Arena

It has been quite a long and bumpy road for Dashboard Confessional to get this tour underway. Lead singer-songwriter Chris Carrabba has sustained injuries from a motorcycle accident. It took some time for him to heal and fully recover; and just when he was setting things in motion for a tour that would celebrate Dashboard Confessional's 20th anniversary, the pandemic and lockdowns put all plans and schedules to a halt.

“The injuries I sustained made me unsure if I would ever be able to make music again, in private or on stage,” Carrabba says. “I had to fight to get music back into my life. I will embrace every moment of this tour in ways I never have before.”

With their upcoming "Unplugged" tour finally pushing through this year, Chris Carraba sees this as an opportunity to honor such pivotal milestones.

“The 20 year anniversary is worth celebrating, even belatedly, but now we are all celebrating the return of all the things we love and have been forced to miss for so long,” Carrabba says. “It will feel good to celebrate that together.”

Dashboard Confessional is known for its emo-take on acoustic rock music. Deeply raw and emotional lyrics combined with fervent acoustic melodies, plus the undeniable charisma of frontman Chris Carraba, elevated Dashboard Confessional into an iconic musical force. Dashboard Confessional's biggest hits include "Vindicated," "The Sharp Hint of New Tears," "Again I Go Unnoticed," "Saints and Sailors," "Kinda Yeah Sorta" and "Heart Beat Here."

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Dashboard Confessional at Mohegan Sun Arena

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