Eric McMahon at Mohegan Sun Arena

Eric McMahon Tickets

Mohegan Sun Arena | Montville, Connecticut

Get a slice of life from Eric McMahon’s funny yet  in-your-face reality stand-up comedy on marriage and fatherhood.  Does he deserve a button pin that says ‘best dad in the word’ or ‘most loving husband’?  Well, find out on the 17th of November 2012 at the Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, Connecticut.  Show starts at 9:00 pm.



Is your father anything like an alpha-male and over-protective dad?  Is your husband lifting any finger in terms of keeping the romance alive in your marriage?  Eric McMahon gives a piece of his mind and some seriously funny anecdotes about marriage and fatherhood. Reality bites, but Eric McMahon delivers it with a humorous sting that would make you die laughing.

Eric McMahon’s brand of comedy hasn’t gone unnoticed.  He already opened for Ray Romano and Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay, no less.  He starred in an off-off Broadway drama called “The Chill on Lake St. Clair”.  Off stage, he is a radio show host of “What’s Your Problem?”.   He is also a writer and one of the actors on Jim Florentine’s comedy sketches on HBO’s “Inside the NFL”.

Eric McMahon is an expert in family comedy.  If you’re trying to skip a session with your therapist or marriage councilor, then you might as well catch the show.  Laughter is the best medicine, isn’t it?


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