Louis Tomlinson at Mohegan Sun Arena

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Mohegan Sun Arena | Montville, Connecticut

One of the world's favorite British stars, Louis Tomlinson, is making their big tour comeback with a new record up his sleeve. After releasing his sophomore album "Faith in the Future", the man is gearing up to serve the record live on stage at the North American Faith in the Future Tour 2023. He's stopping by to meet his fans at Mohegan Sun Arena on Friday, 26th of May 2023, and perform his biggest hits and new songs from "Faith in the Future". Releasing "Bigger Than Me", motivated by embracing who he is musically, and the direction that he desires, Louis Tomlinson's new record is a testimony of faith in the best to come. Don't miss out on Tomlinson's big new era coming to you live on stage by booking your tickets now!

Louis Tomlinson at Mohegan Sun Arena

Announcing the launch of his 2023 tour, "Faith in the Future, named after his new album, Louis Tomlinson exudes growth, maturity, and a newfound inspiration to move on in his new record. Faith in the Future includes his singles "Bigger Than Me," "Out of My System", and "Silver Tongues". As he formally launches this big new era, he's excited to meet his fans and share his lyrical masterpieces live on stage at his Faith in the Future Tour.

"Really really excited to finally announce the North America tour," he shared on Twitter. "These songs were created for these moments and I can’t wait to share them with you!"

With a desire to find his own sound, Louis Tomlinson integrates the emotional record to a name of hope, that he believes in Faith in the Future. Embracing who he is, his energy, and various inspirations, Faith in the Future encapsulates what defines a sonic and lyrical masterpiece is.

"I just wanted to embrace what I love musically," Tomlinson tells Rolling Stone in an interview. "There’s a different kind of love for every song. It’s not all trying to be a single."

Taking pride in his bravery and new musical direction with Faith in the Future, Louis Tomlinson shares his newfound confidence in shaping the artist he really is.

"I’m just in a more confident place, so I’m willing to be braver and do things like that. Or at least what feels braver to me." he shared with Rolling Stone.

With new rock anthems such as "Bigger Than Me" and "Out of my System" in his new records, Louis Tomlinson is pumped up to share this energy live on stage for all of his fans to join in.

"It was my first moment of excitement making this record, and where it felt we were on to something which honors the live show," he shared about his single "Bigger Than Me". "I realized from doing those live shows what it means to my fans and how everything I do is bigger than me,"

As a former member of the global favorite boyband, One Direction, Louis Tomlinson faced a period of struggle and pressure when it came to the solo success of his former bandmates. In 2016, he released his debut single "Just Hold On" with Steve Aoki, and his second single "Back to You" (featuring Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals) in 2017.

Experimenting with sound and the direction of his artistry, Louis Tomlinson was in a journey of rediscovering himself. In 2020, he dropped his debut studio album, "Walls" with his new label. The record featured his singles "Miss You", "Two of Us", and "We Made It", among others.

Two years later, with a new record deal with BMG, the man sets foot on a lyrical and sonic journey of bravery and embracing his newfound identity as an artist. With hope and belief in the best to come, "Faith in the Future" is the product of his hard work and determination to craft songs that stay true to his core.

Don't miss out on Louis Tomlinson's big new era live on stage this coming year at the Faith in the Future 2023 Tour by booking your tickets now!

Louis Tomlinson at Mohegan Sun Arena

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