OneRepublic at Mohegan Sun Arena

OneRepublic Tickets

Mohegan Sun Arena | Montville, Connecticut

If theres a better way to enjoy your Thursday night than seeing OneRepublic LIVE IN CONCERT, then we haven't heard of it. That's why Mohegan Sun Arena is proud to announce that they are inviting your favorite artist back to Montville Connecticut on Thursday 18th July 2019 for this once-in-a-lifetime live music event. Longtime fans have already booked hotel rooms all across the city so they won't miss this show. So if you love their latest album, then you owe it to yourself to see this smashing jam session. All you have to do is clear your schedules and get your tickets today for OneRepublic live in concert at Mohegan Sun Arena on Thursday 18th July 2019.

OneRepublic at Mohegan Sun Arena

Music brings people together, right? This July, get ready to connect with music fans from all over the country at one of the most eagerly awaited events in Montville. On Thursday 18th July 2019, OneRepublic will be performing their greatest hits live in front of the army of their loyal fans at Mohegan Sun Arena. In fact, the fans of OneRepublic are so loyal that the tickets for their live performances sell out very soon after being announced for sale. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you get your tickets as soon as possible and not risk missing out on what could be a concert to remember!

As the chart topped OneRepublic first came to light with their huge debut single "Apologize" their name became a worldwide sensation and it was hard to avoid hearing the incredible song as it was showcased repeatedly across radio platforms and stations, not just in the US, but in the UK and globally also. Every one of their fans thought that the track would be hard to beat but OneRepublic did it again with their second drop of "Stop and Stare" the single became yet another global anthem and is played frequently until this day. It's long-standing success has helped put them on the map and given them a dedicated fan following that keeps on growing.

Their elevated pop alt rock status, pushed them from their local name to a superstar, out of this world level and these guys have proven that they have what it takes from the beginning of their career. Throughout the years OneRepublic have continuously worked with the legendary producer, Timbaland which helped to give them an accessible sound, as well as his work with the group, he also promoted his own remix of their track "Apologize" which was another number one and is said to be their biggest hit to date.

OneRepublic might have given the impression of being a one hit wonder kind of band but they have pushed the boundaries and proven otherwise, as they continue to release chart toppers over and over again. Since their outstanding first two singles, they have also released the likes of; “All The Right Moves,” “Marchin On” and “Good Life.” And the man behind OneRepublic Tedder also kept on with his songwriter as he worked with Adele on "Rumour Has It" along with co-writing with other superstars such as, U2, Jennifer Lopez, Leona Lewis and many more!

Get ready for their 2019 tour dates as they take to the road and perform live at a venue near you this coming summer! There's no time like the NOW to secure your tickets!!

OneRepublic at Mohegan Sun Arena

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